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Jamia Al Mariam School

One of the fundamental pillars of a society that promotes communal development is education. Hub salt has observed that illiteracy is the primary cause of the rise of illness, infection, and other diseases. The region had a very low rate of literacy. People were unable to comprehend the severity of the condition without education. The value of education and the dire necessity for it among the residents of Balochistan’s industrial town of Hub have long been emphasized by Hub Salt.

After realizing the undeniable need for education in the area, Hub Salt turned an idea into action. With limited resources, in 1997, we started a school under a tree. We gathered children living under a tree and started teaching them. It was the first foundation laid for the school “Jamia Al-Marium.” By the grace of ALLAH, in 2002, that class under a tree transitioned into a complete primary school building with classes from Montessori to grade 5, a playground, and a library, with the latest computers and facilities for other co-curricular activities.

Today we have around 250+ students, increasing in number. They generally follow the Balochistan Textbook Board syllabus with modifications as and where required. They are also familiarized with Computers and the library to develop reading habits. Arabic is also compulsory from class IV onwards.

The physical and mental health of students is occasionally improved through events like skit performances, poetry readings, talk shows, quizzes, or field trips to important locations in Karachi like the Quaid’s Mausoleum, the National Museum, the Zoological Garden, the Naval Museum, the Air Force Museum, the Planetarium, etc. Activity day and presentation day require active participation from both teachers and students. The students receive free uniforms from us, and Halima Hospital conducts regular medical checkups to safeguard their overall health.

By providing the students with a good education, Jamia Al-Marium’s goal is to improve the underprivileged. by delivering knowledge and good hygiene to the children and their families. To this objective, students are constantly taught the value of maintaining good personal hygiene, which will lower their risk of contracting a sickness.

Jamia Al-Marium School is run by a team of highly qualified professionals. For a continuous learning process, regular teacher training programs are provided in addition to their experience and qualifications to serve the targeted objectives. To strengthen teachers’ skills and ability to inspire students to reach their greatest potential, we have collaborated with the following teacher training programmes:

  • Teaching Method (Importance and Need)
  • Activity Based Method (Needs, Importance and Technique)
  • Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • Basic Areas of Development
  • Personality Development
  • Four Basic Learning Areas

The school is lively and full of life. It took unwavering effort and enormous devotion to create a school that stands out on its own, and it required much more enthusiasm to raise it to the point where it currently competes fiercely with neighboring government schools. We can significantly raise the literacy rate owing to our initiative. We take great pride in being able to offer this service without charge, and Hub Salt plans to keep doing so in the future on a larger scale as well.