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Mariam University

Observing that the main cause of disease in the local populace was illiteracy, which bred maximum number of diarrhoea, skin infections and  other preventable diseases, our former Administrator, late Mr Ibrahim Suttar, thought it necessary to bring education to their doorsteps. Thus, on 27/12/1997, he got together the local 'mohalla' children, and under a tree, on a 'chatai' [mat] , and thus was laid the foundation of 'Hub University', later renamed 'Mariam University'.

And, by the grace of Allah, within 2 years time, where there was 0% literacy, now there is 100%. Our mission is to not to leave out a single child within a one mile from the school.

This service is provided absolutely free!!!!

Total number of students today stands at 200+ spread over Classes I to V. They are generally following the Balochistan Textbook Board syllabus with modifications as and where required. They are also being familiarized with Computers. Arabic is also compulsory from class IV onwards. Extra-curricular activities include fieldtrips to various important places in Karachi like the Quaid's Mausoleum, National Museum, Zoological Garden, Naval Museum, Air Force Museum, Planetarium, etc.

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There were initially two classrooms in the school building and another two rooms constructed  with grant from family and friends. The ground-breaking ceremony for the new classrooms was held on 15th April, 2002. The opening ceremony of the new classrooms was performed on 6th October, 2002.

Inauguration ceremony of new classrooms was held on Sunday 6th October, 2002. The school children presented a variety show.
They  performed skits, sang poems, held a talk show and were quizzed.
Balochi culture was also represented through folk song and dance.
This was their first ever concert !!!! And they did it very well!!!!

All the four classrooms are now properly furnished, thanks to the generous support by Rotary Club, South, Karachi, Inner Wheel North Club, Karachi, and individual donors.

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