Saturday, 13 August 2022
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Our Projects

The following is a list of the projects which are needed. Some are already underway, while others are waiting for enough funds to be collected.

Maternity Facility

We are looking forward to setting up a maternity-care facility by establishing a well-equipped labour room, trained staff for emergencies, operation theatre and ambulance.

We are also focusing on the care of the new-born, and therefore, plan to establish a neo-natal care unit with all the equipments, trained doctors and staff.

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Enhanced Diagnostics

Haemotology analyser (coulter): After its availability, we will be able to perform CBC(complete blood count) test. The reports will be available in a very short time. Small quantity of blood will be required. It is an important routine test in most diagnoses.

Micro-biological Lab: All contagious diseases are spread due to micro-organisms. A micro-biological lab will facilitate all routine investigations such as urine c/s, blood c/s, fluid c/s, stool c/s, etc.

Electrolytes machine: To check body fluids electrolyte levels. Very important in cases of dehydrated, cardiac and renal patients.

ELISA: This machine is used to perform the hepatitis profile, hormones' levels and HIV serology.

X-ray machine to enable x-rays of Chest, Abdomen, all bones, Skull, IVP, Barium Meal, Barium Enema.

Trans-vaginal ultra-sound for more accurate diagnosis of complicated gynecological problems.

Pediatric ultrasound with pediatric probe.


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More classrooms in the school

Currently, we have a total of six classes and only four classrooms. As such, the children of four classes are forced to share two classrooms. This, obviously, is very inconvenient as well as distractive, for both the students and the teachers. Also, there is also a need for a separate computer lab, a library and a Montessori.

When the foundation of the building was being laid, provision was built in for a first floor, but due to limited resources, only the ground floor was constructed, that also in two phases. Now, the time has come to further expand the building by constructing the first floor so that the deficiency in the number of available rooms can be made up for.

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Electricity from the Grid

We are still running on generators which are prohibitively expensive in terms of fuel consumed daily. The government needs to take notice of our extensive facilities and our long-term service to the community and thus provide us with a electricity connection from the grid.

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Scholarship for Higher Studies

Our students are all from very poor families. After completing their Primary education here, they must go on to do their Secondary and College level education. They and their families cannot afford such expenses. Therefore, we need to set up a fund for bright, deserving students so that they can live their dreams and become a source of inspiration for their community.