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Jamia Al-Mariam School

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  • Published: Wednesday, 19 December 2018 11:37
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Education is one of the most important and strongest pillar of a society that help the society to grow. Hub salt observed that the main reason of increasing illness, infection & other disease is illiteracy. The literacy rate of the area was substantially low. Without education people will be unable to understand severity of disease even when the awareness is provided and it is correlated to reduce poverty. Hub Salt has always stress on the importance of education and how much the people of industrial town of Hub, Baluchistan need it.

After realizing the undeniable need of education in the area, Hub Salt turned idea into action. With limited resource, in 1997, we started a school under a tree. We gather children living under a tree and started teaching them. This was the first foundation laid for the school “Jamia Al-Marium”. By the grace ALLAH, in 2002 that class under a tree has transitioned into a complete primary school building with classes from Montessori to grade 5, a playground, latest computer and library and facilities for other co-curricular activities.

Today we have around 250+ students. They are generally following the Baluchistan Textbook Board syllabus with modifications as and where required. They are also being familiarized with Computers and library to develop a reading habit. Arabic is also compulsory from class IV onwards.

Every day there are some activity like skits performance, poems, talk show, quizzes or field trips to various important places in Karachi like the Quaid's Mausoleum, National Museum, Zoological Garden, Naval Museum, Air Force Museum, Planetarium, etc. are being arrange to improve students’ physical and mental strength. We provide free uniforms to the student and regular medical check-ups at Halima Hospital are also conducted to ensure the healthy status. Teachers and students both are actively involved in activity day & presentation day.

The primarily purpose of establishing Jamia Al-Marium was to help uplift the needy by empowering the children with a sound education. To educate the students and their families in terms of both knowledge and hygiene. To this effect, the students are continuously taught about the importance of personal hygiene, which will definitely help them to minimize the risk of getting a disease.

We have a team of highly skilled professional who run Jamia Al-Marium School. In addition to their qualification and experience required to serve the purpose, regular Teacher Training Programs are also being conducted for a continuous learning process. To improve teachers’ skills, enhance their capabilities and able to bring the best out of student we have conducted following Teacher Training Programs:

  • Teaching Method (Importance and Need)
  • Activity Base Method (Needs, Importance and Technique)
  • Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • Basic Areas of Development
  • Personality Development
  • Four Basic Learning Areas

The school is full of life and it took limitless effort and great dedication to build a school which is an example in its own and it took even more amount of passion to take it to a level where now it gives a great competition to government school in the vicinity. Through our initiative, we are able to make a significant increase in literacy rate. We are proud to be able to provide this service for free and for the next years to come Hub Salt will continue to do so in future on bigger scale as well.