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Halima Hospital

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Being aware of the surrounding, able to make changes and help the people of surrounding is sign a good corporate citizen and sign of a responsible organization. HPSR has been playing an active role in supporting under-privileged people. We observed the that the industrial area of HUB, BALUCHISTAN has no go-to medical facility and people suffer from disease like skin infection, eye infection, breathing issues due to emulsion of toxic waste in the environment from different factories in the area and children suffer from diarrhea due to impure water intake. And due to their poor financial position, not only they were unable to afford the treatment but also unable to visit the hospital in the main city. This made us ponder on the idea that the area crucially needs medical care facility that could cater all their medical issues for free.

With this vision, Mr. Ibrahim Suttar started taking steps toward this this cause and in 1997 he established Hub-Pak Charitable Trust Dispensary. It started operating on 2/1/1997 with a male doctor, a dispenser and a few other staff, where free treatment was being provided to all the resident of the area. The initiative moved many relatives, friend & well-wisher and with their immense support & abundant funding, the dispensary started to grew remarkably under the guidance of Mr. Ibrahim Suttar. Following the same foot of Ibrahim Suttar & with grace of Almighty ALLAH, today the ordinary dispensary has been mutated into a full operating OPD HOSPITAL with complete pathological lab, X-ray equipment, diagnostic, Eye OT, surgical services and pharmacy that can accommodate an average of 200 patients on daily basis.

Under the roof of Halima Hospital, we try our best meet the need of every patients and provide care and support they deserved as a human being. Through our ceaseless effort, Halima Hospital has become a triumphal example, which provide following services to the local populace:

Enhanced Diagnostics

In 1998, as the dispensary was functioning and developing, we felt the need of proper diagnosis for treatment. This need resulted in construction of lab in the hospital premises. This Lab came into action in 1998 and significantly help to determine the disease. Afterward, we installed a X-Ray machine in 1999 and later purchased a color Doppler – ultra sound machine.

Our well-equipped diagnostic lab is capable of diagnosing diseases of:

  • liver
  • spleen
  • kidneys
  • pancreas
  • gall-bladder and urinary bladder
  • thyroid,
  • female breasts
  • prostrate

We also have a pathological lab as all contagious diseases are spread due to micro-organisms. A micro-biological lab will facilitate all routine investigations such as urine c/s, blood c/s, fluid c/s, stool c/s, etc.

To enhance to disease examination procedure, we have also installed endoscopy machine Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure used to examine a person's digestive tract. Using an endoscope, a flexible tube with a light and camera attached to it, your doctor can view pictures of your digestive tract on a color TV monitor.

Eye Diagnostic and Surgery

Besides building a complete medical care facility, HPCT also focused on treating Eye Problem. HPCT organized its first eye camp in 2001 and did 36 operations with IOL (Intra-Ocular Lens). Later this work was kindly taken up and adopted by the Rotary Club of Karachi South.

We started doing regular OPDs for Eye patients in the hospital since January 2006, and in December 2006, a well-equipped Eye OT was established as well. Today, every very alternate Sunday we perform approx. 35+ eye surgeries. Thousands patients have been operated upon since then at charges so nominal that it is even lower than what an ophthalmologist would charge for one or two consultations!


Upon finding out the rapid spread of Hep B & C around the world. Hub Salt took measure to control the spread of this fatal infectious disease in the industrial town, Hub Baluchistan. Halima Hospital has been working at both grass-roots level as well as the highest level to ensure the rate reduction and if possible, complete eradication by

  • providing screening at the cheapest possible rates
  • counseling to barricade the spread of infection
  • vaccination of Hep B in non-reactive cases
  • treatment at the highest level for Hep C cases

We are grateful to say that up till now we have treated over 30000 Hep B & C patients and are highly determined to go a very long way


TB is a disease attacks the lungs and later can be spread to other parts of the body, like the brain and spine. It is extremely common in Baluchistan. The disease is highly contagious and if proper treatment & awareness is not provided it can affect the larger population.

In 2002 to fight against TB, Hub Salt introduced DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short course) program in the Hub town, which was initiated by WHO in order to put shackles to this potentially lethal and highly communicable disease.

This program includes treatment by DOTS trained staff as well as proper counseling to halt the further spread by educating the patients as to how they can avoid further transmission. 


Family Planning

The people living in rural or semi-urban tend to have larger family size like 12-14 children per couple. This merely due lack of education and conservative mindset where family planning considered to be a taboo even so to discuss it. Having larger family has its own issue like, it effects on mother and child health & nutrition, poor attention toward each child, poverty etc. as the world evolving rapidly, institution and medical hospitals are there to educate the illiterate about importance of family planning.

We sent our lady doctor for training to the Green Star program and within 3 months we had put 15 ladies under this program with Pills, Injectable and IUCDs. As the awareness is spreading, more & more patients are now embracing contraceptive methods. We provide this service free of charge and we hope to help control rapidly increasing population in the area.

Other Services

At Halima Hospital, we have a pharmacy where medicines are being provided to local residents of the Hub Area at cost price. We also have a pediatric specialist, as we really want to focus on the health and well-being of children of the community. Due to inaccessibility to proper nutritional food and intake of compromised item, the people of Industrial Area, Hub suffer a lot from the diseases of gastrointestinal organs and that’s why we also have gastroenterology specialist as well.