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General Questions

We're sure there are many things you want ask. Below are some of the more regular FAQ's. If they don't answer your query then please give us a ring or send us an email.

  1. How far is it from Karachi?
    A. It takes around 40 minutes drive from Civic Centre or Clifton
    in private transport.

  2. Who provides the funds for the school and the hospital?
    A. Mainly, the costs are borne by Hub-Pak Salt Refinery but family and friends keep pitching it from time and time, helping us enhance the facilities and provide better service to the poor locals of Hub Industrial Area.


  3. How many students are there in the school?
    A. There are over 200 students.

  4. Is it only a Primary School, or does it have senior classes as well?
    A. It is a Primary School only.

  5. Are there any plans to raise it to Secondary School level?
    A. Initially, it was planned, but by the time our students reached Class Five, the government built a proper school in the area, therefore the need to increase the level to Secondary no longer remained. Besides, as Maryam University is a co-education school, another constraint to increasing Class levels was the lack of more classrooms. Hub is a conservative area, therefore segregation would have been necessary in higher classes.

  6. If there is a government school there, what is the need for Maryam School now?
    A. The quality of education at Maryam School is such that we still have numerous admission applications each year. Besides, competition is healthy for both schools.

  7. Do the children enjoy any extra-curricular activities?
    A. Yes, students of Maryam School enjoy many extra-curricular activities.


  8. How many beds does Halima Hospital have?
    A. Halima Hospital is an OPD hospital only, and therefore does not have any beds.

  9. Does Halima Hospital have surgical facilities?
    A. Yea, we have limited surgical facilities at Halima Hospital. Eye surgeries are regularly performed here.

  10. Is treatment free?
    A. Most services are free, but some costlier services are charged but at heavily subsidized rates.

  11. Do you have diagnostic services?
    A. Yes, Halima Hospital has basic diagnostic facilities, yet there is a need to further enhance it.

  12. Is family-planning a taboo?
    A. Many families here have a great number of children, some women have as many as 13 or even 19. This results in poor mother and child health and nutrition. Initially, as in all illiterate, uneducated communities, the concept was resisted, but now people are realizing the importance of family-planning, and more and more patients are embracing contraceptive methods.


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